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Hot dipped Galvanized steel coil

  • Aluminum Coil Slitting Machine

    Haixing Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is the biggest and strongest in north China. Our automatic roll slitting machines are easy to operate and have high efficiency to Canada, South Korea, Prussia,...
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  • Glazed Tile Color Steel Roof Panel Making Machine

    Main equipment of glazed tile color steel roof panel making machine: Decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic system, electric system. Process flow chart of...
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  • Electric Steel Coil Uncoiler

    The Electric steel coil uncoiler is a special equipment for smooth metal plate. It is used for the leveling of steel plate. Features: 1. Types available: electric decoiler. 2. Easy to operate....
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  • Small Steel Slitting Machine

    The raw materials for the small slitter are usually as shown in the table below: If the material is stainless steel, please inform in advance. Working process Decoiler ----flatting and...
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  • 10 Ton Hydraulic Decoiler with Coil Car

    The decoiler is a special equipment for leveling the metal sheet. This decoiler enables automatic loading. The hydraulic decoiler itself cannot automatically feed, and it can be automatically...
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  • Sheet Coil Leveling Machine

    This machine can be used for leveling various cold and hot rolled sheets. Machine parameters Packaging Details: 1. Main machine is covered by plastic film. 2. PLC control box, spare parts and...
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  • 5 Ton Hydraulic Galvanized Steel Coil Uncoiler

    To get the most out of your molding equipment, you must use a high-performance feed line. For many types of sheet metal processing, the leveling and feeding process can be integrated into one...
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  • Trapezoidal Corrugated Steel Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

    The double layer roof roll forming machine can produce two different types of metal tile products, including trapezoidal tile and corrugated tile. Components of machine: Manual uncoiler: 1 set...
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  • C Shape Steel Purlin Cold Roll Forming Machine

    Machine parts: single-end feeding machine, feeding leveling, forming system, straightening mechanism, at single + double holes, after forming shear system, supporting material platform. The...
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  • Steel Glazed Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine

    Glazed roof sheets made of glazed roof panel roll forming machines have the characteristics of light weight, high strength and durability. The chart of process flow Decoiling- active feeding- roll...
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