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Forming Machine (LWG-200) May 18, 2017

Tianjin haixing roll forming machine

Basic Info

Product Description

This equipment is applicable for forming the Double lacing of security door outside frame

Process Chart
Flat Bracket-Curvy Bracket-Forming Host Machine -Finished Product Bracket
1. The structure is reasonable. The performace is stable, with high speed, high output, low noise.
2. The moulds of the machine are special treated and durable
3. The product is smooth and beautiful look.
4. In feeding part, there are five rollers to make the material flat
5. It is easy to operation, convenience to maintenance
6. According to the customers' design to supply the machine
39.jpgTechincial Parameter
Thickness of Feeding plate (0.8-1.8)mm
Feeding width (260-530)mm
Unit Length (800-6000)mm
Production Speed (3-6)m/min
Main Motor Power 7.5Kw
Main Application Double lacing of security door outside frame
Overall Demenssion(mm*mm*mm) 4000* 960*1260.