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Connections Between The Color Steel Roll Forming Machine Frame Nov 10, 2016

Color steel pressure w machine using in the simple of said keel Zhijian of connection: hanging rod with pulled burst bolt fixed in floor Shang Hou, with t type keel hanging pieces connection t type main keel, t type keel as needed received long, in its interface at with t type keel connection pieces fixed, times keel and main keel Zhijian is plug received connection of, can without accessories, if ceiling has additional load contains or big area of ceiling, is need u type hosted keel, that hanging Rod installation finished Hou, first with u type hosted keel hanging pieces will u type main keel and hanging Rod connection, And t with t-keel pendant longitudinal keels connected with a u-shaped keel. The roofs of many buildings are now used in color steel roll forming machine, color steel tile machine with single-layer and sandwiched between. Color steel pressure Waji in equipment using Qian, to check throughout connection whether solid, installation bolt, and nut whether twist tight, around chassis within added foot lubrication oil, to power started machine for test, first empty running carefully observation, has no vibration, noise, oil window whether to oil, the parts movement whether coordination, all normal Hou to installation mold, installation mold Shi, must cut power, with manual move motor belt or big gear, makes table turned bit, and makes sliding seat rose to highest points, Is best to use an object supported on the worktable and slide between the bottom to prevent sliding natural fall, causing the accident.