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Brief Analysis Of The Development Situation Of Domestic Steel Market Nov 10, 2016

Main varieties include beams, steel angle steel, channel steel, h. According to the statistics of the old standard, a height of not less than 180mm beams and channels for large steel, height is less than 180mm in steel beams and channels for side wide angle of not less than 150mm for the large angle steel, siding for 50-149mm steel for medium sized angle steel, siding-20-49mm angles for small angles. And by new of method statistics, is height not is less than 80mm of steel are classified to big steel in the, other return to small and medium steel in, this makes old statistics method in the of most medium beam and slot steel was new standard statistics to big steel in, h steel also basic all was into has large steel category, angle is has quite part into small and medium steel category in the, so in small and medium steel in the of angle by proportion high. Due to the current state in addition to the steel reinforced yield to key steel enterprises Statistics, corner slot to the nation in General yield has no accurate statistics, so we can only make estimates.