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Automatic Roll Forming Machine Equipment Technical Structure Nov 10, 2016

Automatic roll forming machine main body from left and right, bottom rod, slide the top cover and the seat, six-wheel, pulley, gear, Geneva institutions, cam, lubricating pump, hydraulic system, electrical control components, such as. The-die punching process: through the pulley of the motor, drive the input shaft, pinion and the gear on the drive shaft, punch through a cam drive fitted with sliding up and down, realize the tile. Table of turned bit is by loaded Yu Shang axis end head of gear group, drive dial pin gear, toggle loaded Yu six party runner axis Shang of slot round to achieved points degrees positioning, in Shang axis of ends the with a and loaded in same axis Shang and suppressed cam conjugate of back cam, through positioning rod and positioning disc achieved Xia die in work location of precise positioning. In the left and right sides inside the chassis lubrication pump is installed, when the machine is working through tubing to deliver lubricating oil to the friction movement parts.